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We have our FALL 2011 issue of The Fly Fishing and Tying Journal! And it's absolutely packed with things you need to see and try. Everything from: Skilled Fly-Fishing by Dave and Emily Whitlock, Offering Trout A Choice by Dave Hughes, Steelhead Spey by John R. McMillan, Season of the Hopperby Dave Whitlock, The Rise by Dale Spartas, Fine-Tuning for Tough Trout by Harry Murray, Fall Steelhead Tips by Rob Crandall, Fly-Fishing From An ATV by Keith Gann, Tying Low-Floating Attractor Dries by Walter Wiese, Fall Caddis by Jim Schollmeyer, Are Your Nymphs Dead or Alive? by Bob Reynolds, Attraction: Looking Below the Surface by Al Ritt Current Issue!
Regular Departments:

    From the Editor by Rob Crandall
    Gear Up by our staff
    Guide Profile by Dave Kilhefner
    Riddles of the Hatch by Dave Hughes
    New Products by Preston Singletary
    Benchside Solutions by Skip Morris
    Patent Patterns by our readers
    Tailout by Tom Alkire, Bull Trout Sherriff.

Every issue is packed with information!

If you are a fly fisher - you need to read
The Flyfishing & Tying Journal
and if you tie - got to have it!

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