Welcome Friends!

FAOL Summer Fish-In 1999

The following people claim they will meet us at Crooked Creek!

Al Campbell - SD (AC)

Dave Ulmer - Ohio (slicfoot)

JC and the LadyFisher - WA (of course)

Old Rupe and his wife - Ohio

Randy Fratzke & Rachelle - Iowa (Host FritzFratz)

Steven McGarthwaite- MN (Parnelli)

Jeff Fields - GA (Host Grizzly Hackle)

Kate Reust - WA (Mamma)

Al Reust - WA (Wizard)

Brad Bentson and family - SD (B2)

Craig Thorp and family - MN (chub)

Jeff Panitzke - MN

Jeff Cihlar - MN

Alex Thompson - ND

Marcus Bevier - SD

Michael Purcell - SD.

Gregory A Beam - Maine (Greg)

Ken Wootten - SD.

Greg Thorne - MN.

J. Wolf - NY.

Steve Haun - SD.

John Layton Jr - SD.

Greg Brewer - SD.

Jim McCall - WA (Jim from Walla Walla)

Peter Gorinsky - Costa Rica (Tropic)

Mike Gilbert - SD

Ron & Lenore Houdek - ND

(The names following the persons "real" names are their Chat Room handles.)

If you want to add your name to the list, email me. ~ Deanna Birkholm

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