Idaho Regional Fish-In 2002

Fly Anglers OnLine
Idaho Regional 'FISH-IN 2002'
Sept 16 - 22, 2002
Lowell, Idaho
Three Rivers Resort

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By LadyFisher

Dick Lane (Fishin-injun) and Stu Farnham have organized a 'Western' Fish-In for those who are unable to make it out East to the Annual Fly Anglers OnLine Fish-In at the Delaware River Club on the West Branch of the Delaware in Hancock NY.

Dick scouted the area and found an excellent place for this gathering. The Three Rivers Resort is at the confluence of the Locksa, Selway and Clearwater Rivers, and has everything our group needs. There are small cabins, large cabins (accommodating 6 people) A-Frame cabins, and motel rooms. The campsites include water, electricity, hot showers, and all the accommodations have access to the heated swimming pool and 3 jacuzzis.


Also on premise is a restaurant serving dinners, a full service bar, gift shop and groceries, sporting goods (including fishing licenses). Across the street is another restaurant serving breakfast and lunch as well. There is a large open area which can be used for casting practice or some casting games. JC and I have also offered to do a free casting clinic one morning for those interested in improving their casting.

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This is an excellent time of year to fish this area. The local rivers are considered Blue Ribbon, and are catch and release. (More information on the rivers is listed with links below).

There is an excellent article, several pages with good photos on fishing the Lochsa, as well as as some of the flies you will need, in the June 2002 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Martha may be having her problems right now, but the article is worth the price of the magazine. Your local supermarket should still have it.

Marie at The Three Rivers Resort was kind enough to send us a copy. (And yes, there is even a suggested dinner with a cutthroat trout - excellent eating!) The article claims the fellows had "good fishing - around 20 trout a day each, in the twelve-inch range." But some of us know the big boys are there too!

Watch this column for recommended flies, Dick will have a list of them for us soon.

Dick and Stu are working on other possibilities for programs or events, and we will post thoses here as details become available. As with all FAOL events, everyone is cordially invited. There are no registration fees. Everyone is on their own, FAOL does not make reservations for arrangements for you. You are welcome to come for the whole week, or just a day. Whatever works for you. Families are welcome as well.

You can make your reservations now, ask for Marie and tell her you are with the Fly Anglers OnLine group. 1-888-926-4430.

Area Guide




It's a great time, and an opportunity to make new friends, and to put faces on names. This is my favorite time to fish the Rockies.

If you do plan on making it to the Idaho Fish-In 2002, drop us an email and we'll put your name on the I'm Going List! Please designate IDAHO Fish-In. ~ LadyFisher


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