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By Deanna Lee Birkholm, Publisher FAOL

Here are more photos from the Idaho Fish-In 2003 held in Lowell, Idaho. These photos were taken by Al Campbell. If you have photos, we'll add them here - email to: publisher@flyanglersonline.com or by snail mail to: FAOL, P.O. Box 1959, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Here's why we fish in late September, October Caddis!

This sequence is for those who don't believe a long cast is necessary or can actually hook fish. The caster/angler is "Z" Steve Zweber.

One of the challenges is presenting a fly in this clear water! Dana had it right!

Here's Cary Morlan with a fish on.

Here's one group that fished with AC on the upper Selway. Left to right, Dana, "Z", Uncle Kurt, Cole and Jeff W.

Thanks to whoever caught this photo of AC - nice to have one of him with a fish!

Dennis Garrison (DG) with a reward for his efforts.

Evenings were spent tying flies and visiting in the Rumpus Room and around campfires. Sometimes with music!

Here are some of the tiers. The first one is Al Campbell.

REW across the table, Jeff W. on this side. Note AC in the background with Cole on his left.

Here's one intense young man, Cole Martin.

Ray Donley, from Salt Lake City also took a lot of photos, here he is showing them to the LadyFisher.

An absolutely perfect pure gold cutthroat trout.

The next three photos are silhouette shots celebrating the end of the day.

Perfect end to a perfect day!

More to come, thanks guys! ~ dlb

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