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By Deanna Lee Birkholm, Publisher FAOL

Here are more photos from the Idaho Fish-In 2003 held in Lowell, Idaho. These photos, were taken by "Stu", Stu Farnham. We will get more up soon. If you have photos, we'll add them here - email to: publisher@flyanglersonline.com or by snail mail to: FAOL, P.O. Box 1959, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

The object of everyone's fishing!

The timing for this event was set to take advantage of the October Caddis hatches. The next photos are of the insects and the neat imitations which were tied at the Fish-In.

Slickfoot ties a unique caddis, below.

Stu took some wonderful photos - no, not everything was the bugs! How about a moose on Lolo Pass?

Opps, don't want to miss this - it's "Grizz's" (Jeff Fields) fly box for the Fish-In.

Stu and his wife Colleen also raise and show Gordon Setters, Stu made the rounds taking Cait on her walk. What a lovely face. (That's her on the right.)

The last three photos are of the waters we all fished. The first one is the Lochsa, then one of the many pools on the Lochsa. Finally the last photo is of a pool on the Selway.

Thanks Stu, we appreciate you sharing the photos with all of us!

More to come, thanks guys! ~ dlb

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