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'FISH-IN 2002'
July 22nd thru the 27th, 2002
Delaware River Club, West Branch of the Delaware, Pennsylvania

By James Castwell, Editor FAOL

The 'Fish-In 2002' will be held the last full week in July (Monday the 22nd thru the 27th) at the Delaware River Club on the West Branch of the Delaware River, New York, and every year thereafter. Yes, we have made it permanent. The 'Fish-In' has become an integral part of Fly Anglers OnLine and must have a home. We have found at the DRC all of the parts to make it a success. 2001 was great, 2002 will be even better. You can reserve your place . . . NOW . . . Reservations will be on a 'first come, first served basis.' Since we will more than fill the DRC I highly suggest you get you reservations in early. Those who do not will be given information from the DRC about other facilities in the region.

There are several options available. The 'Lodge' is $65 per night, plus $10 per person, plus tax. (In other words, a couple would pay $70 per night plus tax) That would include one bedroom and the rest of the features of the lodge. There are two long motel complexes. One has units which have one bedroom each (they are the brick ones in the foreground in the photo below.) They are $70 per night plus tax. The other complex has two bedroom units and rents for $80 per night. Both are for two people, each additional person $12 per day plus tax. Riverside park home $89 per day, $534 weekly

The Motel Units

The campground has 80 camping sites which have water and electricity to each. These sites rent for $30 per night, and the DRC will take reservations for them. There is an adjoining 'section' to the campground which is best called 'unimproved,' that is, it is simply a place to set up a tent or whatever. It has nothing, no water and no electricity. These sites are $25 per night. Because it is unknown how big or small any units may take up, no reservations will be taken for camping in this area. There will be 10 additional new campsites for next year - with water and electricity. There is a nice pool at the campground!

I want to thank all of you who contributed ideas and information for the 2002 event. Trust me, all were considered. The 'Fish-In' has taken on a life of its own and must now be treated accordingly. It will serve the most people in the best manner by giving it a permanent place for many reasons.

I know some (perhaps many) will be disappointed that we can not continue to move it about the country, in some ways, we are too. We know this will mean some of you may never get the opportunity to attend and for that we are truly sorry. As the necessary elements are included in the 'Fish-In' it is not possible to move it about and still have a successful time. We hope to make this week of fraternity a major point in many of our yearly fly-fishing activities. By maintaining a location much more can be included and the quality of the experience can be enhanced each year.

We are fortunate to have found and most grateful for the co-operation and continuing involvement of the DRC. They will play a far more integral role in the future. More of the details will be on here soon. The itinerary is planned and nearly complete for 2002. Here is a small idea of how it will be laid out. Coffee is now available in all rooms, and the big urn of coffee will be out in the dining room early. By special arrangement a Breakfast and Dinner package is available for $18 per person, per day. 'School-Time' every day from 10 to noon, 'Show-Time' every evening from 9 to 10:30, games and events on Saturday all day and closing dinner and ceremony at 5pm. It will be an all-inclusive Bar-B-Q, prepared by Chef Ray DuBois. There is a link at the bottom for the daily schedule.

For those flying in, the closest airport is Binghamton, NY. It is served by the major airlines, car rental is available there as well. This is about 40 miles from the DRC, and is easy to get to.

This is not really a 'book review,' I just wanted to tip you off on what may make your trip to the Fish-In a little easier and perhaps better.

There are a lot of streams and creeks out there and they wind and twist all through the hills and valleys. Most of you probably want to fish some of the famous ones, I know I will.

This book (for only $19.95) in paperback will help a lot. It is small enough to carry with you or stuff in the glove compartment.

Jim Capossela has done a dandy job with all the text and maps, nice big-enough-to read maps of the waters. Good details of where to go and how to get there. He put it out in 1989, had to re-print it in 1992 and now it is in the third printing' must be good, right? I suppose you can find it in all the fly shops in the Catskills, but I think you should get a copy before you come out. I have not met him, but it would be kind of nice if he came to the 'Fish In' too. The cover shows the obligatory guy landing a nice fish. If you want to, I think you can send directly to the publisher, Countryman Press, ( for a copy. He is an experienced and somewhat prolific writer and that makes this easy to read and follow. I think you will like it. I know we will have our copy with us.

Autographed, $40.00 Hatches II by Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi was written about the region and contains a wealth of information including the local flies. It is available (autographed) at the Fly Shop at the DRC.

There will be guided walking tours of the river for those wanting to learn where to fish, and there will be float trips available for those who want to fish. The exact details will be available in print from the Fly-Shop and reservations can be made thru them.

We contacted the DRC and asked about the expected water conditions, and they responded: "Normally in July the Rivermaster calls for mandated releases to keep the salt line above the wells that feed Philadelphia. We expect these releases to provide cold water in July for our fishery. We further hope that the political pressure we are bring to bear will result in more water to make our river system better than it has ever been."

We have arranged the 'Fish-In 2002' so that no scheduled events (show-time, school-time) will interfere with fishing. Some may want to attend these, some may not, but, at least you will have the choice. It will allow us to really plan our days there, knowing what each day has to offer. We have delegated certain areas of interest to some great guys and are sure you will have a wonderful time. If you have any problems or complaints contact me, I am the one who is responsible for the whole thing. I will try to make it a good experience.

The DRC has added a new swimming pool - on the lodge grounds - in addition to the one at the camp ground.

For those wishing to tie flies for the Fish-In, the DRC has a Hatch Chart showing which insects for what time periods. A link to the July Chart is HERE.

FAOL Fish-In 2002 'One Hour in Hell' Fly Tying Contest

The fly tying event, 'One Hour in Hell' contest will start on Friday evening, July the 26th at 9 p.m., Delaware River Club, Hancock, NY, and end at 10 p.m. Robert (Mantis) Mead will be totally in charge. He, Ron Kusse and Al Caucci will be the judges. It will be a 'blind' contest. Each tier will have their own number. Flies will be submitted by that number.

There will be a small registration fee which will entitle each to be eligible for a drawing to be held on Saturday, the 27th. There will be five dry flies and three nymphs possible for the contest. The flies are:

    Blue Winged Olive
    Fan Wing Royal Coachman
    Salmon Fly

    Gold Ribbed Hares Ear
    Isonychia Nymph
    Black Stone

No materials will be furnished. All tiers will be told which two of the dry flies and which one of the nymphs will be tied at the event at 9 p.m. Tiers may tie as many flies as they wish, but only two dries and one nymph may be turned in at 10 p.m. There will be one award for the winner, announced and presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday, the 27th.

The American Casting Association sanctioned Distance Casting Event will be held again Saturday afternoon, and another sanctioned casting event, Accuracy will be held on the DRC pond Saturday morning. This one should be a snap for the average fisherman, but the rules are a little tricky. More on that to come.

There will be gold, silver and bronze medals for the winners of the Distance and Accuracy, also announced and presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday, the 27th. (at the Bar-B-Q). A Sage SLT fly rod will be awarded to the lucky ticket holder, only those who enter the Casting events or Tying event are eligible. Here's more!

Chef Ray DuBois will prepare the Saturday Bar-B-Q, here's the menu!

Fish-In 2002 Dinner

New England Clam Chowder
Tri-Colored Pasta and Tuna Salad
Potato and Egg Salad
Foot Long Hot Dogs
Rosemary Grilled Chicken Breast
Black Angus Hamburger / Cheese Burger
Carrot Cake
Assorted Soft Drinks
$10 per person, no tip

For lots of photos on the 2001 Fish-In click HERE!

Click on the link for the SCHEDULED EVENTS!

If you do plan on making it to the Fish-In 2002, drop us an email and we'll put your name on the I'm Going List! ~ JC


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