Come Join Us!

I'm Going to the FAOL Fish-In 2001

The following people claim they will meet us at the Delaware River Club, West Branch of the Delaware, PA. We are looking forward to seeing you all! Let's go fish!

Ron Kusse (QC) and Caroline Knecht (Peachie)

Jim and Deanna Birkholm (JC and the LadyFisher)

George Emanual (Muddler)

Dave Ulmer (Host slicfoot)

Jeff Fields (Grizzhackle and Host Adams Dry)

Chuck Wilson (fishhead)

Mike Grinsell (Mike G.) and family

Arthur Williams (atwo)

Jim Walker

Bob Alexander (PMD) and Karen

Art Hirsch (RoyalC) and his wife

Ted Trostle (Spring Creek Guy) and his wife Judy

Ray DuBois (Ray and Host Saltfly) and probably his wife Carla

Michael Gallart (snagger)

Gene Dellinger (T.G. Grayhackle)

Al Thomas

Jeff "March Brown" Sherman

Mike Fillinger

Dan Kirsch

Les Young (lesyoung/Penn)

Christopher Atkins

John Dwyer

Chris and Liz Marshall (Publisher Canadian Fly Fisher)

Steven H. McGarthwaite (Parnelli)

Mike Daley (Prof_D.)

Mark Romero and Misako Ishimura

Jerry and Nancy Risinger (Host Ididarod)

Bob and Grace Mead (mantis)

William Bounds (wcb)

Randy Fratzke (FritzFratz)

Randall Kadish

Don Rumrill

Eric Riley (Fishstick), and Uncle Marcel and Aunt Lori

Simon Bain, wife Linda and their daughter, from Andros Island, Bahamas. 7/08/01 just received word Simon has won (for the 2nd year in a row) both the Andros Island and International Bonefish Tournament! Congratulations Simon!

Robert Montuori (Monty) with his wife and son.

Robert Venneri on Friday for Cane Day.

Bob Petti from the on Friday for Cane Day.

Doug Cummings (Royal Wulff) and mom, Joan Wulff on Saturday.

Folks from Cortland, Phil Genova and Tom McCullough.

Bob Piedigrossi (CDC)

(The names following the persons "real" names are their Chat Room or Bulletin Board handles.)

If you want to add your name to the list, email me ~ LadyFisher

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