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The "Tear-Yer-Shorts-Casting-Contest"

And now for the FUN part! On Saturday, the 28th of July, 2001 at the Delaware River Club (DRC) we will hold a distance casting event. There is no charge for admission to watch, but there sure should be! If you have never seen the great and 'near-great' go for the longest cast they can make, you have really missed something.

This is a 'sanctioned' event of the American Casting Association, (ACA) and there will be awards for those who place. We are running the 'Angling' division and urge ALL to give this a try. There will be equipment furnished or you can use your own. Some restrictions will apply which will be spelled out later in more detail. These will pertain to leaders, line lengths and weights. The maximum rod size is a nine foot, nine weight.

There is a ten dollar fee for a one year membership in the ACA and you can join at the event. That is required to get you into the competition. To each entrant, Fly Anglers OnLine will give a numbered ticket. These tickets will go into a hat and a random winner will be drawn. The lucky holder of the winning ticket will receive a DIAMONDBACK FLY ROD! The top of the line Trout 5/6 four piece, nine foot, model DRGPT49056 (4 PC.) Value $495.00 Donated, of course, by The Diamondback Rod Company.

Ron Kusse will preside over the closing evenings dinner at the DRC on Saturday and will present the ACA awards. James Castwell will draw the winning ticket and present the Diamondback Fly Rod.

This is a great fun event to watch and participate in. I hope ALL of you will enter. Side bets on casting the famous broom (non-sanctioned) are also welcome! Some heckling and razzing is strongly encouraged. We will have some of the top casters enrolled and it should be a lot of fun.

Let the games begin! ~ J. Castwell

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