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'FISH-IN 2001'
July 22 - July 29th, 2001
Delaware River Club, West Branch of the Delaware, Pennsylvania


By Deanna Birkholm, Publisher FAOL

We have a place, a date and best of all GREAT FISHING! July 22 - 29th, Delaware River Club, (DRC) Hancock NY. While the mailing address is New York, the DRC is located in the northeastern most part of Pennsylvania, only one mile upstream from Hancock, New York on the Pennsylvania side of the West Branch of the Delaware River. You can get a feel for the DRC on their website.

We had hoped to have this years Fish-In at Roscoe NY. It didn't work out for several reasons. This year's organizer Ron Kusse (Host QC from our Chat Room) decided there were more and better fish to be had a short distance away - still in the Catskills. The West Branch of the Delaware is considered one of the countries best tailwater fisheries. Those staying at the Delaware River Club will have access to two and a half miles of Private Water. Prime fishing for WILD FISH, not stockers. The average size for the trout is 16 inches. We know most easterners think fine fishing is over by the first of June - but it's not true! This may be the best kept secret in the east.

Fishstick tuning up The DRC has a wide variety of accommodations, including camping, cabins and rooms. This Catskill resort is in the mountains, it is not hot there in July, and there are tremendous hatches and willing fish. Al Caucci, co-author (with Bob Nastasi) of Comparahatch, Flytyers Color Guide, Instant Mayfly ID Guide, Hatches, and Hatches II, will be there from the 24th through the week (he is the co-owner of the DRC).

* Breakfast and dinner will be available at the DRC. They do not have a 'full-time' restaurant, and those wishing meals will need to let the folks at the Fly Shop know the night before for breakfast. We are still working on details, but dinner will be available too. PIG-ROAST !!! The details are on the Bulletin Board, click HERE

The great thing about the West Branch of the Delaware is there are hatches all day long, not just swarms of caddis, but great mayfly hatches - morning to night! Most anglers will be rewarded with 16 - to 20 inch trout - the lucky ones will measure their catch in pounds! Night fishing is also legal and recommended, and QC has offered to lead a night fishing expedition. A new adventure for those who haven't tried it - it can produce monsterous fish.

I realize some of you may have planned for a late May gathering, but we think you will be delighted with the quality of the fishing at the DRC in late July. After all, the whole idea here is to put our FAOL folks onto fish! That's where the fun is. Besides the West Branch of the Delaware at the DRC, there are over 200 miles of Blue Ribbon trout water within a half hours drive! The Beaverkill, Willowemac, the East Branch of the Delaware, or (an extra ten minutes) the Neversink, Esophus, plus numermous less known streams. These are the fabled streams of the great writers. These are not crowded water like many of the western waters - you can fish all day to rising wild fish and not see anyone except your own party.

Ron Kusse has some special things planned for those interested, like a cane day, a trip to see the former Leonard and Payne factories and the grave sites of those legends. Or a hike into the famous beaverponds. Stay tuned for details, more to come soon.

One of the 'doings' will be impromptu fly-tying by some darn good tiers. To keep everything spontaneous we are not scheduling any 'tying events, but have been assured that several will be tying at various convenient times. For instance, Bob Mead, noted for his 'Praying Mantis,' has assured us he will give a demonstration sometime during the 'Fish-In.' It is probable that some tying will be going on every evening someplace at the DRC.

Since there are so many possibilies of where to fish, we will have guides available to direct (or guide, or float) as well as maps of the region.

There is some information on the Bulletin Board under 'Fish-In 2001' with links to the accommodations at DRC and the hatches we can expect (lots). We will put up an "I'm Going" list (see below) as well, and if you would like to share a room or campsite, we have plenty of time to post those requests on the Fish-In 2001 section of the Bulletin Board. You will need one license, for New York state. Here is the link for that information:

There will be other accommodations available and we will have those too, but if you wish to stay or camp at the DRC, you should make your reservations NOW - BUT make sure you tell the folks there you are with Fly Anglers OnLine. If you get the answering machine, say you are with FAOL and want to make reservations for the Fish-In, Matt will return your call. They do take credit cards.

For those flying in, the closest airport is Stewart Field at Newburg, NY. It is served by the major airlines, car rental is available there as well. This is about 70 miles from the DRC on a four-lane highway. There is a second airport available to fly into, Binghamton, NY. It is easy to get to, and only about 40 miles away.

Look for us!

More to come, JC and I are excited to be going on this trip, and we look forward to meeting new folks and renewing old friendships. Yes, you really are invited to join us! We hope you will mark your calenders for that week now, and plan on joining folks from FAOL for fishing and fun.

If you do plan on making it to the Fish-In 2001, drop us an email and we'll put your name on the I'm Going List! ~ The LadyFisher

I'm going list!

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