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By Jim Birkholm, Editor FAOL

Here are some more photos, these taken by Caroline Knecht, Liz Marshall, and me. I'll try and put names on them as best I can. Any mistakes, let me know and we'll fix them. If you have photos, we'll add them here - email to: JC or by snail mail to: FAOL, P.O. Box 1959, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Some of the FAOL group on the Holiday patio following the Cane Chat Thursday morning. Notice the intent looks! Left to right, Lou Burhart (LB) Old Rupe, that's Susan Cox (Lady Jane) in the middle. Can't name everyone on this one, (please send me the name of the two fellows in the foreground.)

Ted Trostel (right) on Spring Creek at the Spring Creek T.U. outing. Our thanks to Ted and his group for the fine evening.

(left) The casting instructional program at the TU event on Spring Creek.

(right) Dave Allan made the trip with Les Young, Les's other fishing buddy Carl didn't get in the photo.

(left) Ron Kusse (QC) and Caroline Knecht (Peachie).

(left to right) JC, Ron Kusse and Al Thomas, by the table, getting set up for the American Casting Association sanctioned Casting Tournament.

JC (above left) trying the nine weight, and Mike Grinst, with one of his winning third place casts.

Allan Thomas (above left) and Chris Marshall (above right) measuring an official cast.

And Al (right) receiving his award from Ron.

And last, but not least, JC and Ronn Kusse with a knotty problem. It never happens to us of course.

I have a full disk of photos I haven't been able to open, and will add them if I can find a magic key. ~ JC

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