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By Deanna Lee Birkholm, Publisher FAOL

Here are photos from the regional Central Washington Fish-In 2003 held in Ephrata Washington, May 1st - 4th (although some were there earlier!) These photos, these taken by "Z," Denny Conrad and JC. If you have photos, we'll add them here - email to: publisher@flyanglersonline.com or by snail mail to: FAOL, P.O. Box 1959, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Here's the place - The Oasis Park in Ephrata, Washington - great park owned and operated by the city.

Oasis Park

Our Great Leaders

This Fish-In was organized by "Linemender" - Cary Morland (right) and (left) Steve Zweber - "Z". Here they are ready to fish Rocky Ford Creek. Actually they were wonderful guides as well.

Map of area Looking at the map makes it easy to see why this region was picked. Rockey Ford Creek is a C&R barbless spring-creek fishery, with big trout - typical of the one at the top of the page. There are several lakes close which have trout and panfish. Something for everyone!

Welcome at Camp

JC and I arrived on Friday, most of the group was either out fishing or had been earlier. All who attended stayed at the park except for JC and I - we stayed at the Best Western Rama Inn a mile toward town. Left to right, Linemender, Castwell, LadyFisher, MikeMT, flycastNW, Z and REW.

ffb & friends

Here's ffb and a nice trout, more to come!

ffb reviving the trout



Fishermen need to eat too - here's a tailgate picnic at Rocky Ford; Z, LadyFisher and flycastNW.

Can you guess what happened here? Maybe a dropped fly box? Naw.....automatic hatch?

A tip of the FAOL Hat on this. Private property access for fly fishers!

Here are some photos of the guys who fished the lakes, these are MikeMT.

Saturday night was a potluck. Dutch oven stew, dips, chips, oysters, chicken, hot dogs, salads and peach or cherry cobbler Dutch oven style.

Here's most of the group at the potluck (above).

Stef opening oyster ffb and dad Bob  



Sunday morning many of the group headed to Rocky Ford Creek for a last try at the huge rainbows. For the weekend, the numbers of successful fisherman was very high.

JC playing trout, LadyFisher
 with the net

This first Central Washington Fish-In was a great success, and plans are underway for a repeat in '04. Thanks to Z and Linemender for organizing it and to all who attended:

Linemender, Z, Denny, BobW, HawksFly, Butch, REW and Nancy, JeffW, MikeMt, Stef and Koda, Webfoot, SpanFly, Julie and sons Casey and Chaz, FlyCastNW and Dee, Del, ffb and Bob, Dammit-it Don and Patti, OldFart and Marilyn, Bob Sherwin, JC and Ladyfisher. (Please let me know if I left anyone out!)

Great Fish-In! ~ dlb

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