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The Nitty- Gritty

By Jim Birkholm, Editor FAOL

Here is how the finances shape up for the party. You can figure your own package and arrange things that will suite your plans. Remember, we land on Sunday the 20th of February 2000, and leave the following Sunday. There will not be any additional charges for casting and fishing instruction; those are inclusive. Several members of the 'Team-Gatti-USA' will be on hand for instruction as well as the bonefish guides, who will be running the class first thing Monday morning.

The lodging, whether you choose Tranquility Hill, or Mount Pleasant will cost the same. These figures reflect a very generous 20% discount, for which we are grateful. They include your room, taxes and meals. Your bar-tab would be in addition. Each day will cost $269.70, and that is based on double occupancy. So, for $134.85 per person, you get your room and board.

If you wished you could fish many of the fine white sand bonefish flats from the beaches at either lodge. The fishing is excellent and there is no charge. These privileges are included with your room.

For the ultimate in bonefish excitement, the Andros Island Professional Fishing Guides Association has made themselves available for the entire week and can be booked through Bonefish Simon when you reserve your trip, or after you arrive. These guides are independent and the fee is full coverage; although you might wish to tip for exemplary service, but not required. (Best to book in advance if possible.)

The cost for a full day on the greatest bonefish water in the world, in first class, special shallow draft, high-powered flats boats, with the finest Bahamian Guides is $350. That means that you (the boat can take two fishermen) would only pay $175 per day each.

There will be some minor tackle available, but; play it safe. Bring the things you want. Rods, lines, leaders, flies. I will put more information on recommended tackle on here soon.

You should send your deposit (approximately 50%) to Simon Bain, G.P.O. Cargill Creek, Andros, Bahamas. The deadline for your deposit is January 21st, but do it as soon as possible. Let him know when you will arrive, when you will leave, where you want to stay, and which days you would like a guide. He will make the arrangements with the correct lodge and reserve your guide. His phone number is (242) 368-5060, the fax is also (242) 368-5060.

Here is a list of names of those who already have requested to be included. These have not necessarily paid their deposit, but are darn well going. Please email FAOL so we can put YOUR name on the list of ...


Dave Ulmer (slickfoot)
Jim Birkholm (Castwell)
Deanna Birkholm (Ladyfisher)
Ray DuBois (Salt Fly)
Octavio Araujo (Brazillian Guy)
George Emanuel (Muddler)
Bill Flowers (Outer Banks)

Let's Go!

I will try to keep this list as up to date as possible. We hope to see you all on ANDROS! ~ JC

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