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July 19th, 1999

The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua
By Randy Wayne White
The Lyons Press
123 West 18 Street, New York, NY 10011

I didn't know this book was coming. It just showed up. So I read the press information, then the dust cover.

I was hooked. Or quoting that dust cover, "In the end, White leaves the reader as mesmerized as roadkill by the potential of undiscovered places and the promise of endless adventure in unfamiliar territory. . ."

This is not a 'how-to' book. Nor is it a 'one-upsmanship' litany of how good, great, unique the author is. And marvel of all, it's not fiction! This guy actually did this stuff. The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua is more than the so-called adventure travel stuff. I'm surprised some bright PBS TV station hasn't offered to do a series from the book. It would sure be better than a ton of stuff we see on the telly.

A confession may be in order here, I don't do much pleasure reading (and there isn't that much of it in fly fishing anyway,) and this isn't much about fly fishing. Except that somehow the author, Randy Wayne White seems to be the kind of guy I would like to fish with. That says a lot - I pick my fishing companions more carefully than business associates.

If you're looking for a break from the rest of the world, pick up The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua. It's a almost unbelievable series of essays, some with humor, all with an unusual insight of what makes the world work, wrapped in exotic places peopled with real live characters.

There's something for all of us - including an ice-fishing adventure that could have gone into 'Grumpy Old Men." Treasure hunting, (sort of) poaching crocks in Panama, the first (and maybe only) Ironman with Fly competion, traveling with a frog that won't jump, and lots more.

Be prepared, I sat down and read the whole book. Non-stop. It is that good. ~ DLB

The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua
is hardcover, 221 pages.
The price is $22.95 (U.S.)
ISBN 1-55821-904-8
Scheduled for Release in August.

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