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June 3rd, 2002

Tying Trout Flies

By C. Boyd Pfeiffer
Published by Krause Publications

Reviewed by James Birkholm

I just called my local fly shop, asked about fly tying classes. Yikes!

We try to give you lots of info here on FAOL, but you will need some books too; if you are new to tying, this is a good one. The cost ($24.95) is probably far below any tying class you might find, and you get to keep the book. Mr. Pfeiffer covers the basics, and I do mean 'covers.' For the beginner there are a lot of books at varying prices, some are better than others, some not. This is one I do like.

If I was teaching a tying class this would make a fine 'outline.' He gives all of the necessary steps to get started and a few more.

There are a hundred pages of flies, one on each big spiral-bound page, it lies flat on your tying bench.

At the top of each page is a good close-up picture of how the fly should look and some interesting background on where the fly came from. Below that is a list of the materials needed and then a very detailed 'tying sequence.' The flies covered are most of the standards you will need to fish with.

If you are just getting started, this book will get you off on the right foot and prepare you to continue on in the future. The layout of the book is superb, easy to follow and logically laid out with clear and useful graphics and pictures. A worthwhile investment. ~ JC

Tying Trout Flies
160 pages
8.75 " x 11"
Spiral bound Softcover $24.95 US
Published by Krause publications
700 East State Street
Iola, WI 54990-0001
Phone: 800-258-0929
ISBN: 0-87349-292-7

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