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December 24th, 2001

Kids Gone Fishin'

By Dave Maas
Published by Creative Publishing International

Reviewed by James Castwell

Although I was all set to give you my opinion of this book, I found it expressed far better than I could have. So, here from the page on the publisher's web site is their review. As you know, if I didn't think this was a terrific book, I wouldn't have taken your time or mine to post it here. I am one hundred percent behind these types of books and will try to bring them to you at every opportunity. What a fine gift this would make, and at $12.95 I bet you can think of several who would benefit from owning one. This book deserves your attention. Let's give our kids a chance at the outdoors, give them a copy of this neat little book. ~ JC

Kids Gone Fishin'
"Throughout North America, kids have the chance to experience the fun and challenge of fishing. It may be catfish or sunfish in a local farm pond, carp in a nearby river, or crappies and bass in the lake across town. Whatever species are available to the young angler, it's the most fun when you catch something.

This book helps kids catch fish by covering the basics of fishing: how to cast, where to cast, what baits to use, how to set the hook, and how to fight and land a fish. While this book could help even the adult beginning fisherman, it is written in a style to appeal to kids from page 9 to 13. The book features amazing underwater color photographs showing how fish eat, and how they strike lures and live baits. There are also easy-to-understand color illustrations to help teach the finer points of fishing.

The equipment section of the book will help parents quickly decide what to buy and what not to buy get the kids started. Plus, the format is small and convenient so kids can easily take the book along on their fishing trips.

Fishing is more fun when you're catching something. This book will make the difference between getting skunked and catching the biggest fish of your life."

Anything in it about fly-fishing? Not a word; so what, we have to get them started first. There are sections on catch and release, how to keep a fish and clean it too. Lots of first-rate color pictures of the fish throughout. ~ JC

Kids Gone Fishin'
96 pages
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Softcover $12.95 U.S.
ISBN 0-86573-129-2
Published by Creative Publishing International
5900 Green Oak Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55343

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