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October 29th, 2001

Best of Ed Zern

By Ed Zern
Published by The Lyons Press

Reviewed by James Castwell

The Best Of Ed Zern
"Like a trip into the past," I said. And that is just how it felt as I thumbed through the hard copy book, The Best of Ed Zern. Some of you may be old enough to remember who him. Those of you who are not have a great time in store. Back in 1945 Zern started getting the attention of every red-blooded hunter, fisher and just all around outdoor type.

His humor is brilliant, pointed and now in this collection, nostalgic as well. I own two of his books, first editions which I would rather not set a price on, for any reason. This fills in, for me, the gaps. It contains three-hundred and twenty precious pages, pages which bring back memories, which renew old ideas and which are just plain good.

Author Ed Zern It is not all about fly-fishing, but is about all of the stuff that is important to a guy who fly fishes. Out-doorsey stuff. Funny stuff like: "How to Rent an Atlantic Salmon," "Public Speaking," a review of Lady Chatterley's Lover and other silly things. Who among us cannot resist another look at his "Exit Laughing" pages from Field & Stream. This is your chance to see again those wacky ads he did for Nash, (yes, there was a car with that name and he did some ads for them) They are in this classic compilation. Don't miss this one. At just $24.95 (hard cover) it is a true bargain.

Looking for a stress managing tool when you can't get on the stream? Let Zern put a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart. He did for me: again. Check out this cartoon from the book too. ~ JC

The Best of Ed Zern
320 pages, black and white photographs and cartoons
7" x 9 1/4"
Hardcover, $24.95 U.S
ISBN 1-58574-342-9
Published by The Lyons Press.

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