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October 8th, 2001

Sleep With The Fishes

By Brian M. Wiprud
Published by Xlibris Corporation

Reviewed by Deanna Lee Birkholm

It's always a pleasure to receive a book from one of the writers on Fly Anglers OnLine! The author of Sleeps With The Fishes, Brian M. Wiprud is an accomplished fisherman who wrote Snap Tandems For Pickerel for our Panfish section.

Sleeps With The Fishes

Sleeps With The Fishes really is a good read. There is mystery, mayhem, mob connections, mistaken identity, a porn queen, and various assorted characters straight out of Damen Runyon transported to the Delaware River Valley of New York state. Having been in the region for the Fly Anglers OnLine Annual Fish-In, I thought I spotted some of the locales, which added to the fun.

Brian isn't Agatha Christie, and this sure isn't a typical English mystery either. There is a lack of clarity in the early chapters about some of the characters, but no great problem, it all works itself out.

While this is a mystery, it isn't dull, plodding or boring in any way - Brians's humor is evident throughout. Some a little perverse at that. The next-door neighbor isn't what he seems, but then almost no one is. This really is a fun read, and one you probably aren't going to figure out in advance. If you like mysteries (with a few fish thrown in) pick this one up. ~ DLB

Sleep With The Fishes
178 pages
8 3/4" x 11"
Softcover, $17.84 U.S
ISBN 0-7388-4457-8
Hardback, $27.89
ISBN: 1-4010-0964-6
Published by Xlibris Corportation

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