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April 23rd, 2001

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles

What an absolute delight! We had so much fun when we recieved the first magazines from Hunting & Fishing Collectibles. Fortunately the folks there gave us two issues, so we each had one to enjoy.

Now if you are really young you might not be as enthusatic, but for almost anyone who has spent time in the outdoors, this is just great stuff. There is something about just everything in the outdoor world. This is a new magazine that provides invaluable information for both novices and afficionados.

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles, focuses on the artifacts that were created as part of America's hunting and fishing traditions - the 'things' that hunters and fishermen used in their pursuit of fish, fowl and fame - the 'things' from the past that are now antiques and collectibles.

  • Antique Duck Decoys & Related Items
    history, carvers, auction.

  • Fishing Collectibles
    rods, reels, lures, plugs, flies, bobbers, tackle.

  • Ice Fishing Decoys, Spears, & Jigging Sticks.

  • Collectible Hunting & Fishing Literature
    out-of-print books and magazines
    hunting & fishing club records, photos, etc.

  • Old Advertisement for Hunting & Fishing
    Products and Equipment.

  • Antique Hunting & Fishing Licenses
    paper, pin backs, buttons, badges, etc.

  • Historic Trapping Items

  • The new magazine is published bimonthly with Stan Van Etten as Publisher. The quality is excellent with lots of color photos printed on heavy glossy stock.

    My husband and I were involved in archery some years ago, and were delighted to see a history of 'Archery's Golden Decade' in the first issue. (Even though it was a little disturbing to find we may fall in the antique catagory ourselves.) Both issues we have contain a great deal of information on the historical decoy makers as well. ~ DLB

    Hunting & Collectibles Magazine
    Bimonthly Publication
    Suscription: $37.35 annual
    P.O. Box 40
    Lawsonvilee, NC 27022-0040

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