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April 9th, 2001

Rod-Building Guide
Fly, Spinning, Casting, Trolling

By Tom Kirkman

Rod-Building Guide
From the publisher of Rod-Maker Magazine comes the first real book on how to build your own rod. Tom Kirkman has in only fifty-one pages given you all the information about each and every step it takes to do a fine job your very first time.

Close up's through out

The pictures are big, clear and show exactly how to perform all of the elements. He answers all of your questions, some even before you ask them. There is perhaps no one more ideally situated to produce such a work. His years of publishing, editing, producing and creating the magazine have kept him in constant communication with the best of the best.

Finishing techniques

Tom covers: blanks and components; rod-building tools; adhesive and bonding techniques; understanding rod spine; grip, handle, and seat assembly; guide placement, guide prep and wrapping; finishing, fancy wraps and more.

Procedures fully illustrated

That information has become the heart of this book. The beginner will understand each step and an old pro may pick up a few pointers as well. Don't let the $14.95 price deceive you, this book has value far beyond that. A very important addition to any rod-crafter's library; a necessity for the first time rod maker. Building your own rod can be challenging, rewarding and fun! ~ JB

Rod-Building Guide
51 pages, 100 Full-color photographs
8 1/2" x 11"
Softbound, $14.95 U.S
ISBN 1-57188-216-2
Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 82112
Portland, OR. 97282

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