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April 2nd, 2001

Moose in the Water Bamboo on the Bench
By Kathy Scott

Moose in 
the Water Bamboo on the Bench
This is a charming book. A combination journal - Kathy's view of their life in the Maine woods, with a documentation of her husband David's building of a cane rod for his best friend.

The rod takes a year to complete, David has things to work out to build this special rod properly, and he does have a job. I gather both do, although that isn't at all clear. Each step of the rod's progress is matched with a narrative of the Maine woods, at that particular season.

The visitation of the wildlife with each season, and both Kathy and David's profound appreciation for the world they inhabit is touching. Her descriptions of their world are engaging, colorful, without being syrupy.

David struggles with the problems familiar to rod makers, and gives insight to those who may be contemplating crafting their own bamboo rod. He solves them, of course, and the rod indeed becomes a gift of love to his friend.

It won't be the last rod David builds. I hope this book will not be the last we hear from Kathy Scott either.

The book is well illustrated with very nice pencil drawing by Michael Milling.

Moose in the Water Bamboo on the Bench really celebrates a partnership of two people sharing the detail of their world. It's an affirmation of the good things in life. ~ DLB

Moose in the Water Bamboo on the Bench
102 pages, black and white drawings
8 3/4" x 5 3/4"
Hardcover, $18.95 U.S
ISBN 0-9657663-2-2
Published by Alder Creek Publishing
1178 Valleyview Drive
Hasting, MI. 49058

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