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December 18th, 2000

Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout
By Bob Linseman and Kelly Galloup
Published by Countryman Press

When we first begin fly fishing, the emphasis is on catching a fish - any fish! We struggle to figure out the hatches, water currents, mending line and the flawless drift. Eventually we catch bigger fish. But in most every stream, lake, pond and watershed there are some really big fish. The lunkers which we come to accept only rise on hatches of tremendously big flies, mostly in the dark of night. Occasionally someone catches a terrific fish on a dry during the day, but it's not that common.

Dry flies are more satisfying for many, but even the most hard-core fly fisher has been known to resort to nymphs or streamers to entice the big ones.

Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout

Enter Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout. Bob Linseman and Kelly Galloup, both avid anglers and well-known Michigan guides (and writers) put their talents together and made some observations which can profoundly affect anyone in search of big trout. Bob has guided on the AuSable for many years, while Kelly's region is around Traverse City, Michigan. They began to fish together, sharing their techniques and methods - and the results are astounding. Perhaps revolutionary!

The theory behind it all is even trout who are not hungry will strike a fly IF that fly represents an intruder to their territory. Those who observe fish and their behavior will concur, big fish are very territorial. They run smaller fish out. Some big fish are also known to be cannibalistic. They do not restrict their diet to bugs, they eat other fish. Not just in the dark of night, broad mid-day! If you know how.

Bob Kinseman

Ah ha! It's all in Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout! The techniques, tactics, and fly patterns. But it's not just the streamers - it's how you use them! There truly is a better method. Why better? Because it works!

Kerry Galloup Bob and Kelly made a believer out of author Jerry Dennis, (another Michigan resident) who wrote the forward after fishing with them and seeing it for himself several times.

If you really want to catch big fish, get the book. It makes it all possible - and in a very understandable, readable format. You will believe it - and it may just have the answers you have been looking for.

Highly recommended. ~ DLB

Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout
160 pages, black and white drawings, with color fly plates.
Hardcover, $34.95 U.S, $48.99 Canada
ISBN 0-88150-466-1
Published by the Countryman Press
P.O. Box 748
Woodstock, VT. 05091

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