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July 3rd, 2000

Which Fly Do I Use?
By Darren Banasch
Published by Frank Amato Publications Inc.

Which Fly Do I Use?
Darren Banasch . . . not really a household word these days. That is unless you fly fish within a few hundred miles of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You will find him managing a major sporting goods store in town when he is not out pursuing his favorite pastime, fly-fishing. Not a stranger to it either, armed with a degree in zoology, he has spent many years investigating the many streams, rivers and lakes in western Canada. As such he has had to answer the same batch of questions time and time again. Questions like; which fly to use? where? when? why? and how?

Having worked in various fly-shops I can well appreciate what he has done with this book. He has taken the mystery out of fly-fishing for anyone new to the sport. The book is divided into sections: how do I fly-fish, what do trout eat, what fly should I use in streams, rivers and lakes. Not just which fly, but pictures of the fly, the insect it represents and information on how to fish it. He even has sketches of various situations and how to handle them.

Which Fly Do I Use? is the perfect tool for someone just getting started. A great step in the right direction, it presents it's information in a logical, clear and concise format. I find it hard to believe in today's market so much can be had for such a little investment. $8.95 Fantastic! This is a must as a gift for those new to fly-fishing. It gets the job done without being too technical or overwhelming. Great job, thanks Darren. ~ JC

Which Fly Do I Use?
48 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; color photographs
Soft Cover: $8.95 US
ISBN 1-57188-202-2
Published by: Frank Amato Publications Inc.
P.O. Box 82112
Portland, Oregon 97282
(503) 653-8108

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