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June 26th, 2000

Stripers on the Fly
By Lou Tabory
Published by Lyons Press, 123 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011

Stripers on the Fly
This is a tremendous book! I hope it sells like sliced bread. Rarely have I seen a book which really covers a subject completely. Stripers on the Fly does.

I don't fish stripers, we don't have them in the Pacific Northwest - BUT - there is so much information in this book which does apply exactly to our saltwater fishing.

Let's start with those things which are particular to fly fishing for stripers. The author, Lou Tabory walks the beginner though the stripers habitats and habits, then proceeds with a section on "How to Begin" - which includes everything from encouraging one to improve their casting to line handling and rips forms. This is just the beginning! Then he divides the various types of ocean beaches and waters into manageable sections. Have a smooth, sheltered beach? The way to 'read' and fish it is here. Ocean beach? Mixed rock, sand and gravel beach? Flats and shallow water, mud and sand? It's in here. Where to find the fish in those locations and how to fish them. But there's more, cliff fishing, jetties, outflows, estuaries, big rips and open water - large points and reefs it's all here! What rods to use, what lines, and even diagrams showing where and how one should fish during various tide situations.

Did I say those things were particular to stripers? Wrong.

These fishing methods, reading the water, knowing where the fish will be in any given situation, and where to put your fly is a basic requirement of fishing ANY saltwater.

There is also a great deal of information on gear, and the authors reasons for using the items he recommends. It's not just, "buy this," it's "here's the reasons why."

Yes, as you may know Lou is also a fly tier. There is a major section on the importance of various bait fish, lavishly illustrated with lots of black and white photos, and eight pages of color. And of course the fly patterns.

If you fish saltwater anywhere, Stripers on the Fly is really an important book to own. There is a lot to learn here. ~ DB

Stripers on the Fly
288 pages, 7" x 9 1/4"; black and white and color photographs
Hard Cover: $40.00 US
ISBN 1-55821-639-1
Published by The Lyons Press
123 West 18 Street
New York, New York 10011

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