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April 3rd, 2000

Trout Flies of the East
By Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson
Published by Frank Amato Publications Inc.

Trout Flies of the East
We have all had one, that place where we stop on the way. If you are new to fly-fishing, you may have just found yours. When you go to a new area, half of the sport is finding the local fly-shop and poking round looking for the hot flies for the region. We all do it, it just seems the right thing to do. Even the old-timers who tie their own stuff will stop at the particular fly-shops, Just don't want to miss out on anything.

Hendrickson Nymph If we behave ourselves we are often rewarded with a ton of information and offered a selection of the best flies for the area at the time we are there. Priceless information. The guy selling them has his reputation on the line and wants to have us come back again. That is like a small guarantee for us. His information is probably pretty straight. It better be or we won't come back. Or worse yet, we may.

So it is with a book by those guys who did the Fly Tiers Benchside Reference. Their idea was to contact fly-shop owners and ask for the best, most productive flies for their region. The ones you would not leave home without, if you know what I mean. Remember, the ones who replied have their names and stores reputation at stake; they better get it right. They have, and it's all in this book by Schollmeyer and Leeson. (If your favorite fly shop isn't included it doesn't mean they don't have great local flies too!)

Borcher Special

They have covered 392 proven patterns for the eastern United States, Newfoundland and Ontario. All hard-tested, developed on the spot by fishermen and tiers until they got it just right. These are the old-stand-by's of the areas. These are not the ones you usually find in fly tying books. They do not carry the 'classic' names we are used to. Rather, many reflect a persons name, some region, or method of tying. For instance, back in the late '60's, I would never think of fishing the South Branch of the AuSable in Michigan without stopping at Jack's Fly Shop in Roscommon and stocking up on a few of Ann's 'Borcher's Specials' and 'Horse-Fly's'.

The book is only 127 pages, but crammed with information you couldn't collect in a lifetime if you lived in the areas.

Hex Spinner If you are not all hung up on the classic flies and the standard stuff, or even if you are, here is an opportunity to try the local favorites. It wouldn't surprise me that a great 'sulphur-emerger' from one area might be a killer somewhere else too. It's a good book, a fine fill-in for your library and a very good one to have if you are just starting out and want to get onto fish fast. ~ JC

Trout Flies of the East
127 pages, 8 x 11; full color
Soft Bound: $34.95 US
ISBN 1-57188-196-4
Published by Frank Amato Publications Inc.

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