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March 6th, 2000

Hatches II
By Caucci and Nastasi
Published by Lyons and Burford (now Lyons Press)

It is not often I have the opportunity to bring you information about a book where I have a good depth of knowledge myself, this however is one such an occasion. The subject contained is close to my heart, as in the late 1960's my fishing partner and I delved deeply into the study and photography of trout stream insects. Mainly, mayflies. This became almost a challenge between us as we each sought to find something 'newer' than the other. We had a wonderful several years and both of our libraries benefitted immensely. They now contain many of the same references mentioned in Hatches II. With admiration for a job most well accomplished and just a small degree of jealousy, I will now attempt to give you my opinion of the book. It is a book I would have been proud to have authored.

Authors, Bob Nastasi and Al Caucci Had this been available back then it would have saved us many hours of research and investigation. I am glad it was not, for the vary act of exploration furthered our enjoyment of fly-fishing and continued to urge us ever onward. That it is available now, and has been since 1975 will at the least give you the same opportunity of investigation without the necessity of overloading your library budget.

Hatches II is a valuable tool for the novice fly-fisher as well as the novice tier interested in mayflies. It is written in language, both useful and understandable, which can be immediately adopted and yet will serve the owner for years to come. The knowledge of a trouts food and it's habits can but only increase and enhance anyone's success. Hatches II will do this.

Often one new to a sport is reticent to spend the amount necessary for such a volume. The price should not be considered as cost but as investment in the knowledge necessary to pursue in a timely fashion, the sport. Containing both color and black and white photographs, it clearly offers a method of identification of the mayflies and the artificial patterns best used to imitate them. It is both a technical dissertation and a layman's hand book. Useful at both levels and for both uses. Truly, a necessary addition at any level of endeavor.

There exists a somewhat miniaturized representation as well. The Instant Mayfly Identification Guide. Do not assume this is in any way a substitute, but rather an addition to accompany Hatches II. Conveniently sized and priced, it can be a carried to stream-side to assist in your continuing search for information of trout foods.

As one who has also researched this field to the extent of raising my own mayflies and being subject to the consequences of marital discord as the occasional escapee would disrupt the household, I commend the authors and highly recommend this book. It will expand your appreciation of fly-fishing. Isn't that what this is all about anyway? ~ JC


Hatches II
335 pages
Hard Bound: $40.00 US
ISBN 1-55821-060-1
Published by Lyons & Burford (now the Lyons Press)

Instant Mayfly Identification Guide
64 pages
Soft Cover
ISBN 0-914521-00-4
Published by Al Caucci Flyfishing Enterprises
R.D. 1, Box 102
Tannersville, PA 18372

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