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February 28th, 2000

Sport Fish of Florida
By Vic Dunaway
Published by Florida Sportsman

If you had to choose one person who knows his Florida fish and how to catch them better than any other angler of our time, it would have to be Vic Dunaway, author of Sport Fish of Florida!

Sport Fish of Florida

Vic's seen virtually all of them, up close, on the end of his fishing line.

Moreover, Vic has sampled the culinary value of seemingly every finny thing that swims.

In this Sport Fish of Florida book, Vic shares with you his half-century of experience, telling you how to identify a fish, how to catch it, where it resides and whether it's good to eat. (You may find you've been discarding some fish which are actually excellent table fare.)

As founding editor of Florida Sportsman Magazine, author of best-selling books, contributor to national magazines, and TV personality, Vic is widely acclaimed as the dean of Florida outdoor writers, an expert who plies quiet streams for bluegill one day and searches the seas for marlin the next.

page from book, not actual size Sport Fish of Florida is illustrated with paintings, especially commissioned for this book, by Kevin R. Brant, who has spent many years on Florida waters building a firsthand relationship with the characters he paints. (Fish that is.)

What is this fish? Is it good to eat? Is it a record? Answers to these questions, are here with 231 fish illustrated in full color with the common and scientific name, distinguishing features, food value, average and record sizes, range throughout Florida, main habitats, game qualities, and best fishing methods. (See sample page on the left, a quarter of the actual size.)

This really is a great reference book, not just for Florida fishermen! ~ DB

Sport Fish of Florida
254 pages
Soft Bound: $16.95 US
ISBN 0-936240-16-4
Published by Florida Sportsman

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