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January 30th, 2000

The Bahamas
Fly-Fishing Guide

By Steve and Kim Vletas
Published by The Lyons Press
124 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011
Phone: 212-620-9580

'Paradise Found'

Suppose you had a secret fishing place; a virtual 'Paradise?' Throw in a few swaying palms, unspoiled surroundings, no fishing competition, world-class battling denizens; exactly perfect in every way. The kind of place dreams are made of. Great weather, challenging fishing, everything any fly-fisher could want. And then some guy writes a book about the place.

You could hope no one reads it, but there's a hitch. If folks buy the book and go to the place it will be good for those who live there. The place is an area, the Bahamas; you know, those islands east of Florida. The Bahamas want you to come on down. The Bahamas are fast becoming the 'Hot' spot for fly-flingers to have at bonefish, permit and tarpon. With several islands offering miles and miles of unspoiled fishing, why not?

The Bahamas, Fly-Fishing Guide

The Lyons Press, with writers Steve and Kim Vletas have produced a very inclusive book on the whole region, especially for the fly fisherman. Two hundred forty six pages crammed with detailed information on everything you need to know about every one of the islands. Where to, when to, how to, what to bring and use and how to get there. Great job of something that really needed doing.

Here's an example of the one region I have a little knowledge about - Andros Island. The authors start you at the north end of Andros Island and virtually take you by the hand down the east side, around the south tip and back up the west side. All the time describing in minute detail which fly and why, including even the type of bottom conditions for walking the flats as they go.

"A definitive text on the subject, with island-by-island descriptions of fishing locations complete with maps, guides, accommodations, other leisure activities, suggested tackle, and an excellent historical perspective . . .To embark on a fly-fishing trip without The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide is to go naked!" - R.P. Van Gytenbeek, editor in chief, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine.

There never before has been such a publication covering the fine fishing in the Bahamas, and since this came out, I see no reason for there to be another. The title is The Bahamas, Fly-Fishing Guide published by The Lyons Press. If you have gone, or are thinking of visiting the Bahamas, this is a must have book. The information will give you a definite advantage on your trip. If you have not considered fishing the Bahamas, perhaps now is the time to do so. ~ JC

The Bahamas, Fly-Fishing Guide
246 pages.
Soft Bound: $29.95 US
ISBN I-55821-961-7
Published by The Lyons Press 123 West 18 Street
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-620-9580

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