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January 24th, 2000

My Nature Journal
By Adrienne Olmstead
Self Published by: Adrienne Olmstead
Pajaro, 3343 Las Huertas Rd., Lafayette, CA 94549
Phone: 877-725-2764

This may be the most important book review I ever write; it may be the most important one you ever read, it's about you, your children and your family. Let me get right to the meat of this. Most of us take our fly fishing rather seriously. For some it is almost a religion, for others it is.

We all want our kids to grow up to appreciate the things in the outdoors we have found. We would like to give them the same feeling of stewardship and oneness so important to all of us.

Much is written about family these days and doing things for the kids. Often with both parents working, little time is left for either. Yet, we all want the same things. Now there may be some help to increase the complete involvement of all family members and stimulate an interest in the outdoors and values found there.

It is fine to take a kid fishing. At any age, the sooner the better, they can have a great time. This book, 'My Nature Journal' recommended for ages 8 and above, can open the door and give them a head start toward a greater understanding of what you would like for them. It is a 'journal,' not just a book. It is an interactive tool which will entice your child, (or grandchild) to investigate things outdoors. It will poke, probe, stimulate, and keep them interested and involved for many years. There are pages for sketching, (no matter how good an artist they may be) pages of interest on all aspects of nature and pages which are just plain fun.

I personally highly recommend the book, in fact, stronger than that, I want you to buy it. The author suggests buying two! One for the child and one for you or the adult who can share the adverture with the child. In my opinion 'My Nature Journal' is the first real tool to help start and encourage children to have interest and a high regard for the outdoors and all it can mean. 'My Nature Journal' carries endorsements from an impressive array: teachers, universities, nature societies, naturalists, wildlife centers and many others.

The author, Adrienne Olmstead, has done all the text and sketches, is from California and works in the environmental education field. You can order the 176 page, hard cover book directly from her. (See below) or by email or visit her web site. It is also available in leading bookstores, wild bird stores, and national parks. ~ JC

My Nature Journal
176 pages.
Hard Bound: $17.95 US (Cataloging-In-Publication: QH4-8.055 1999)
Published by Pajaro
3343 Las Heurtas Rs.
Lafayette, CA 94549
Phone: 877-725-2764
Fax: 925-284-2642

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