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October 11th, 1999

Morris & Chan
Fly Fishing Trout Lakes

Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 82112, Portland, Oregon 97282
Phone: 503-653-8108 email Frank Amato Publications.

Nearly a year ago I reviewed what I think is a super book on fishing lakes, Fish Bum's Guide To Catching Larger Trout by Mike Croft. There is a ton of information in Mikes book and I still recommend it very highly.

Well, here we go again. There is another brand new book on fishing lakes, by two of the biggest names in writing today. This is not to say one or the other has more or better information - to me it's a matter of what one is comfortable reading. Or maybe which things tend to stick in your mind better. Both are just excellent books, with a very opposite manner of getting the information to the reader.

Skip Morris and Brian Chan have combined their many talents of fly fishing, fly tying, entomology and aquatic biology to bring you information on lake fly fishing, regardless of your current level. The book has tons of excellent photographs, and illustrations, making their instruction easy-to-follow.

I found the "A Beginning" section very well planned, an excellent overview of what one needs to fish lakes. It doesn't claim to be a 'beginners' book, but if you can cast and can land a fish, everything else you need is here. References to what in which chapters is also helpful if one has a specific question or problem.

Contents include: Fishing Techniques, Productive Flies, Reading the Water (a little different than rivers and streams) Casting, Knots, Tackle, Float Tubes, and Boats, Entomology and Safety. There are some interesting sections on casting, courtesy, cycles of a trout lake, trout species - just about everything.

There is a great section on Flies for Trout Lakes, which has a beginning selection of flies, then a fleshed out section on Chiromonids, Mayflies, Claddisflys, Damselfly - Nymphs, Waterboatman and Back Swimmers, Scud, Leech, Terrestrials, and All-Purpose Flies. The photos are included with the dressing recipes. And a bonus! Each flies has the recommended retrieve for the best success. Cood stuff!

This really is a good book. If you fish lakes, you should have it. ~ DLB

Morris & Chan
Fly Fishing Trout Lakes

94 pages.
Soft Bound: $24.95 (ISBN: 1-57188-181-6)
Hard Bound: $35.97 (ISBN: 1-57188-182-4)

To order directly: 1-800-541-9498

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