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October 4th, 1999

Big Sky Journal

Spring Creek Publishing Inc.
P.O. Box 1069, Bozeman, MT 59771
Phone: (406) 586-2712
or email.

I had forgotten what a lovely magazine the Big Sky Journal is. Standing in a magazine shop at the Salt Lake Airport, looking for something to occupy time while waiting for our flight back to Seattle, the cover of the Fall 1999 issue honed in like first defense radar.

When we lived in Montana we always had the current issue. There were neat stories about places we knew. Sometimes folks we had met. A road map of sorts for things to see and do. Over the years we lost track of that contact. And I realize how much I missed it.

The photography is always wonderful! The quality of writing excellent - thoughtful and informative. This issue has Fishing, Hunting and Climbing: by Guides Of The Northwest, Bird Hunting in Eastern Montana (the surprising results of a husbands efforts to introduce his non-hunting wife to upland bird hunting) A historical hike on the Lolo Trail by John N-Bar Ranch Crew Barsness, more Montana history on the N-Bar Ranch (which has more to do with who Montanans really are) and a piece about Jordan's Hell Creek Bar. Bars in the remote regions of Montana are not your city bars. For sure. There are the regular features, in this issue, Ranch Life, Local Knowledge, Eating, Images of the West, Backcountry, Western Designs (the best of Montana homes and living) and the Back Fourty. Heck, even the advertising is neat!

I read while Castwell worked on the laptop in the waiting area, and finished it a few days later at home. Reading just one article, saving something for later. It's that good.

Editor Allen Jones has a column, and I've always enjoyed his views. Quoting from the Fall issues At the Moment "It is not so much that we are here, in this fine place in the northwestern corner of this small country - a place so delicate as to be ruined by the smallest statistical intrusion of the rest of the world - but that we are graced, for an afternoon, an hour, a minute, to know that we are here. To know that time is passing - yes, of course - but for the moment at least, we are really here. In the Little Belts with a bull elk bugling its way toward you. While it's true that, somewhere, a lump is waiting, it's equally true that enlightment is available within each day, to be had for the plucking. An apple to be cored."

You'll just have to get a copy to read the rest.

If the West is only a dream to you, get the Big Sky Journal. If some of the West is in your blood, here's the perfect way to keep it flowing. It's almost as good as being there. ~ DLB

Fall Issue 109 pages.
Single copy: $5.95 US
Annual Subscriptions: 5 issues $24.00 / 2 years (10 issues) for $40.00
To Subscribe: 1-800-417-3314

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