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August 23rd, 1999

The Canadian Fly Fisher

Canadian Mail Publications
389 Bridge Street West, Belleville, Ontario K8N 4Z2
Phone: Toll Free: 1-888-805-5608, (613) 966-8017, Fax: (613) 966-5002
or email.

There is a new magazine on the market! This one is the very first Canadian fly fishing magazine - and if you are a Canadian, live close enough to the border to get there occasionally, or just want to know what is going on North of the Border, I highly recommend it.

Features is this Summer Issue include: The Downtown Fly Fisher (Fly fishing in and around Montreal's four rivers,) Somewhere West of Winnipeg (Fabulous stillwater trout fishing on the prairies,) Romancing the Char (The unpredictable sea-run char of northern Labrador,) Pacific Salt (Ocean fly fishing B.C. style,) Deep Summer (Images of summer fly fishing - dawn to dusk,) A Definite "Depends" (Are spawning steelhead threatening stocks of wild brown and brook trout,) Seasons of Southern Ontario (A year round guide to the fly fishing riches of Canada's deep south.)

Add to that three sections on Fly Tying! This issue has Great Canadian Flies (The Pointe au Baril) and Tradition and Innovation (The Usual) and a section on tying - for "The Absolute BEGINNER," most of the articles also have recommended flies with photos and fly patterns.

The photography is super, (this one from the "Somewhere West of Winnepeg" article,) paper quality nice and heavy to the hand. Just a great job. There are other 'bonus' things too.

One entitled, "Grandad's Rod, Trash or Treasure" with really good information on what to look for in an old cane rod., Musky Water, and Small Stream Strategies are both excellent articles.

That's still not all! There is a Gear and Gadgets Section, The Club Page, Conservation Page, and even though this is only the second issue, Letters to the Editor.

FAOL offers it's congratulations to Editor Chris Marshall and his staff. This is a keeper! We look forward to receiving the fall issue in early September. ~ DLB

The Canadian FLY FISHER
Summer Issue 60 pages.
Single copy: $6.95 Canadian
Annual Subscriptions: Canada/US $19.95 (Includes GST)
Outside North America: $38.00

We are proud to have The Canadian FLY FISHER as a Sponsor, you can read about the current issue here!

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