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August 16, 1999

Cork on the Water
By Macdonald Hastings
Greycliff Publishing Company
P.O. Box 1273, Helena, Montana 59624

I'm a mystery fan. You know the old Agatha Cristy, Ellery Queen stories sometimes even availble on TV. Not much of that kind of writing done these days.

What a delight to receive Cork on the Water!

This is a re-issue of a book created by the acclaimed British writer and television Macdonald Hasting. Originally published in England in 1951, Cork on the Water was the first of a five book series that won wide acceptance in England and the US in the 1950's and 60's.

Here's the neat part - the 'traditional English' murder mystery is set on the white water of a salmon river in the wilds of Scotland! So we get a very interesting mystery with a rod, reel, and Altantic Salmon on the side. Complete with gillies, and an unlikely catch.

The cast of characters include Mr. Cork himself the fisherman, an outrageously unlikely hero. Pompous, insufferably proper and British to the core. Add Cork's energetic assistant and a beautiful but pugnacious ballerina. There's more! The murder of course, and a treasury of jewels stole during World World II.

This really was a delightful read. Nice bits of humor, excellent reader information (if I had paid more attention I might have solved it before the ending,) a little romance and lots of twists and turns. Everything a good mystery should have - flavored with just enough fishing to make it different. ~ DLB

Cork on the Water
is softcover, 255 pages.
The price is $12.95 (U.S.)
ISBN 1-890373-06-0
Scheduled for Release in September 1999.

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