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J. Castwell

Pick of the IFTD Show - September 18-20, 1997

Is J. Castwell's choice a DRAG?

Sth Reel

My choice for the Fly Angler's On Line "Pick of The Show" for 1997 is based on a unique feature of a fly reel. It would be hard if not impossible to select any one reel as the best. However, a company has brought to our sport an innovation which will allow the angler to not only land more fish, but avoid the frustrations associated with "old fashioned" fly reels.

Gone now are the days of the over-run spool, the so-called birds nest. Gone too are the times of reducing the drag when a fish gets deep into the backing. No more setting the drag whe n starting out. Farewell to the maintenance of the drag parts after fishing; no oils, greases etc.

Add to all of that the exact amount of pressure on the fish at ALL TIMES and you may see why I was impressed by the new IM Turbine Reel from STH.

But wait! There is more. Because of the direct drive, this reel is both right and left handed. The drag works in either direction. Want a left handed retrieve? Just wind your line on in the other direction. How does STH do this? A fluid filled cylinder rotates and increases the drag the faster it spins. Pull slow and there is no drag. As you increase the SPEED of the pull the turbine spins and the drag increases in direct proportion.

Here are two more reasons why it's my choice this year. Unlike many manufacturers which do not include the best features in their lower end reels, STH has. They have two aluminum models, one at $159.00 and one at $299.00. To add the final punch they come in two sizes; a 567 and a 789. Both models, in both sizes, have the IM Turbine drag.

A friend of mine at the show told me he tested one on approximately 100 silver salmon last month. He loved it. I have not yet fished it. But, I (we) will very soon.

You have not heard the last about these reels from me; nor from the fly fishing industry. The salmon are here and I (we) are going after them.

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