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November 16th,1998

Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon
by Bruce Ferguson, Les Johnson and Pat Trotter
Published by Frank Amato Publications
P.O. Box 82112, Portland Oregon 97282
Phone: 503-653-8108 email Frank Amato Publications

Any fly fisher even slightly interested in pacific salmon needs this book. Published in 1985, by Frank Amato Publications, the book is currently being revised. Considering the fact that it took the authors, Bruce Ferguson, Les Johnson, and Pat Trotter eight years to produce this one, I wouldn't wait for the new edition.

We own several other books on fly fishing west coast salmon. None of them comes close to the amount of information contained in this one. If we could only have one book on the subject, this would be it.

The bait is shown in color photographs. When, and where the bait occurs is detailed. Photographs of fly patterns for each of the various foods for all the salmons are given - with tying instructions.

Each period of the salmon migration, from it's home stream to the ocean and back, is chronicled in separate life histories for each species. Match the food to the period of salmon development using the flies given for each period and bingo! Success!

Our copy is dog-eared, coffee stained, and very well worn. Tactics, techniques (including proper casts and retrieves-different for each species,) and gear for salmon is also extensively covered. It is the very best book on fishing Pacific salmon we have seen. It made real saltwater fly fishers out of a couple of Montana dry-fly purists. The personal fishing stories of the authors will have you geared up!

Once you have the book, be sure to read the forward. It may explain why it took eight years to produce.. ~ DB

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