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August 31st, 1998

Outdoor Life
100 Years in Pictures
With Essays by Charles Elliott
Published by Cowles Creative Publishing

Outdoor Life; 100 Years in Pictures

What a glorious book! I've spent many hours going through it, and each time is a new revelation. The compiling of this volume had to be a labor of love for those involved. It shows in the brief commentaries sometimes accompanying the photos and artwork, and in 91-year old Charles Elliott telling of how the certain events and stories shaped the magazine itself.

Outdoor Life is the oldest of U.S.'sporting' magazines. The history catalogued here is mind-boggling, but without any of the trappings that let us know we are reading a history book. This is much more.

It is indeed a dazzeling collection of the most fascinating images of the outdoor world for a century. It is the evolution of the American outdoor experience from 1898 to date. Also included are some very telling pieces of advertising. Even Gary Cooper extolling the virtues of a Johnston Sea-Horse.

A 1931 Classic

Other photos are grim reminders of what once was. A black and white photo in the '1966 Section' of two people on "wave-battered rocks on the California coast, six of us took 150 stripers in a few hour." Others are reminders that maybe nothing is really new, "I landed this 13-pound char on my McNally Magnum" "The authors says if you're looking for trophy-size fish in either fresh - or saltwater, you should try huge streamers that imitate real baitfish." I just saw an article in a current fishing magazine with almost the identical story. That article in Outdoor Life, 100 Years in Photos was published in 1968.

Get this one, put it next to your chair or on the coffee table, and watch. Anyone interested in the outdoors can't leave it alone.~ DB

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