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July 13th, 1998

First Cast
By Phil Genova
Published by Stackpole Books

"Teaching kids to fly-fish,' is on the cover too. It should be. The whole focus of the book is set out to step-by-step teach kids to fly fish. But, hold on... I am always impressed when I find a basic teaching book for anyone new to the recreation, and this is certainly one of the best so far.

This book is 'about' a proven plan of action developed over time at Cornell University by the author. It is not a lecture on how he thinks you should teach kids. It is about how they did teach kids to fly fish; and still are. I can't think of anything that has been left out. It is not just how to cast, tie and fish. I covers it all.

First Cast

If you have a child who is at all interested in fly fishing, this book should prove to be a great asset. It covers every aspect of the sport.

First Cast came to me highly recommended by one of our Chat Room visitors who spoke well of both the book and the author, who he has known for some years. Very high praise indeed from Leon Chandler!

The list of folks who pitched in to help the book become a reality reads like the 'who's-who' of the fly fishing world. This one definitely gets my vote for the best teaching book of 1998, period.~ JC

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