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June 8th, 1998

Trout Fishing Source Book
By Mark D. Williams
Published by Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, AL

This may not be the book for everyone; only if you happen to fish for trout, get to travel a bit, or are just plain nosey. It astounds me how any one person could collect so much information about everything going on in a state, let alone forty-six of them (including Hawaii). Mr. Williams has pulled out all the stops to provide trout fishers with a sourcebook that has it all.

Here you will find a directory with a monstrous collection of well-organized addresses and phone numbers for manufacturers of trout fishing equipment, accessories, publications, and all things trout. All government-related agencies are listed, including national and state forests, fish and game departments, Canadian agencies and organizations, and much more.

Trout Fishing Source Book

The author covers major and minor trout stream systems as well as lakes in excellent fashion. Where a lake or stream is of particular note Williams gives a detailed report that examines the best times to go, access points, regulations, fly patterns, available maps, and recommended techniques.

Four-hundred and eighty-eight fact-filled well composed pages of excellent information of interest and value to the trout fisherman. It is filling a long empty place in my library, and will be referred to often for many years.

The book covers little found (but important) items like, how much are the license fees for a given state? And, yes he lists both the resident and non-resident amounts. The phone number for the state licensing agencies? Of course. And these are just a sampling of the contents.

Like I said, this may not be the book for everyone; but, if you have read this far... ~JC

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