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May 25th, 1998

Flyfisher's Guide to WYOMING
By Ken Retallic
Published by Wilderness Adventures Press

The title tells the story; and the book lives up to the title, and then some. Five hundred and twenty pages with about everything you may want to know about fishing anywhere in those areas. How's this for a line up: sevent y detailed maps showing river miles, access sites, boat ramps, and campsites, as well as hatch charts, stream facts, and recommended flies. There are also listings for fly shops, accommodation, restaurants, campgrounds, car repair and rental, hospitals, a nd airports.

Headed for Yellowstone Park? Here are the answers for the Yellowstone, Lamar, Slough Creek, Gardiner, Upper Snake, Fall and Bechler Rivers, Lewis, Madison, Gibbon, Firehole, and Gallatin Rivers, plus Yellowstone Lake, Hea rt Lake, Shoshone, and Lewis Lakes!


The author, Ken Retallic lives in Idaho Falls, the heart of the region. He has been an outdoors editor, writer, environmental reporter, wildlife photographer, and city editor. In this book he gives a fine rendering of year s of well gathered information.

The book is well filled with photographs of the many lakes, rivers, and streams. Often to read about any given place the reader may feel he is reading a feature story, not a book on how and where. The information is accura te, well laid out, and inclusive.

I can well endorse this type of journalism and am very pleased that he has done the book; and done such a exemplary job of it. Anyone fishing the west - or heading to Yellowstone Park should have it. -jc

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