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May 11th, 1998

Fiberglass Fly Rods
By Victor R. Johnson & Victor R. Johnson, Jr. - Foreword by Leon Chandler
Published by Centenial Publications.

Take a walk back to the days of men in white shirts with sleeves rolled up. Working in the plant? It happened. And rods that were identifiable by color? Long before you might think! The pictures are worth double the price and then some.

One of the interesting realizations that came from reading Fiberglass fly Rods is how small the fly rod manufacturing world really is. Most fiberglass rods were designed to have actions similiar to bamboo rods. The authors, father and son, tie the development of the industry to the people who grew a whole new industry. Like an intertwined family - while at times very competitive, some of those pioneers are still active both in the manufacturing world and in fly fishing.

Fiberglass Fly Rods

Throughout the book are wonderful photographs of actual advertisements, catalogs and even order blanks from the manufactures. Delightful to see.

In some regions another collectable of fly fishing gear and memorabilia is emerging. Guest to our Chat Room 'speak' in nearly reverent terms of "Wonder Rods" and the Sheakspear rods of their youth. And how they stumbled on one or two of these rods in estate or yard sales. For those, this book is a necessity.

This is an in-depth book, well researched and documented, and presents the first historical perspective of the people and companies involved in the dynamic Post-war transition of the American fishing rod from the days of bamboo rods into the modern era of synthetics: fiberglass and graphite.

A valuable resource for classic tackle collectors and interesting reading for all fishermen, Fiberglass Fly Rods was very interesting. A nice addition to any angling library.

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