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March 30th, 1998

40 Best Trout Flies
By Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer
Published by Frank Amato Publications
P.O. Box 82112, Portland Oregon 97282
Phone: 503-653-8108 email Frank Amato Publications

"These 40 flies will catch trout anywhere you fish. Their effectiveness is testified too in that they are virtually all standard patterns. They have emerged as the very best from thousands of different fly patterns and types ... all the flies listed are readily found wherever good flies are sold. You may also want to learn how to tie your own, so pattern recipes are included."

"These flies probably account for over 80% of the trout caught in North American waters. By combining them with the author's special ways of fishing and presenting them to the trout, you too can be very successful at tricking trout and basking in the warm feelings of stream-side success!"

That is quoted from the book cover. And while I don't usually pull verbiage off covers, this one is probably true. This really is an excellent book. Especially good for the beginning angler who has not yet figured out the insects and hatches. And super for the intermediate angler who has the bugs figured out, but still isn't catching as well he expects. For those, the methods of fishing the individual flies is the key to success.

If you would like a little preview of author Alley's top ten nymphs, check out Top Ten Nymphs column here. Besides the nymphs, the book gives the ten best wet flies, ten best streamers and ten top dry flies each with tying recipes and the method of fish it. And not that you would need anything else there are delightful little insights of the author fishing.

The book is small enough to pack streamside with you, very reasonably priced at $8.95, and one any angler will find most useful. For the beginning fly fisher, it is a must! DB

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