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March 23rd, 1998

The Bamboo Fly Rod
By Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer
Published by Focus Publishing Inc.

Alright, so technically it's not a book, it is a magazine! As the line under the masthead says, "The Magazine for Anglers, Builders, Collectors and Dreamers." And it indeed is all those things. Of course Bamboo is the crux of the magazine, but it does cover things you might not expect. Like insuring bamboo rods, how to determine the value of bamboo rods, and where to find information about bamboo rods on the internet.

There are tips and hints for rod builders, interesting departments (including New Products of special interest to Bamboo Enthusiasts - which in this issue has a brand new fly line designed for bamboo rods,) and a column by A.K. Best on Hackling Dry Flies.

I've owned a couple of bamboo rods over the years, and parted with most of them without regret. Except for one, and somewhere in the future I will own one again. I'm not very knowledgeable on bamboo rods. But I do have an interest in them, and the Bamboo Fly Rod magazine is the perfect way for me (and you) to learn more about them. And to learn in a very enjoyable, painless way.

I mentioned to Wayne Cattanach, who writes our With Bamboo column here, that I had the Premier Issue, and his comment was, "Wait until you see the next one!" I am looking forward to it.

The Bamboo Fly Rod is published six times a year Jan./February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October and November/December by Focus Publishing Inc. 1442 E. Lincoln Ave., Orange CA 92865. Telephone 714-921-1964, 714-921-2042 or email them for more information. DB

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