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January 12th, 1998

The Sportsman's Notebook
Written by H.G. Tapply, Illustrated by Walter Dower
Published by Holt Rinehart Winston

It may be a long winter. And sometimes a person is out and about and sees a used book store. Or maybe you have a friend or family member with a collection of sporting books. Some old books obviously have become collectors items and if you stumble across one of them you are indeed fortunate.

This one may not be exactly a collector's item, but if you spend anytime in the outdoors, you will appreciate the contents.

Those of us with a slight hint of grey hair at the temples will remember "Tapply's Tips" which ran seemingly forever in Field and Stream. This book was written as a compilation of those articles, which at the time covered 14 years of answers to sportsman's questions.

Almost everything you want to know on fish, fishing, lures, flies are here. A small excerpt from the section on "Reading the Water" appears in this weeks Fly Fishing 101 article. For the hunters, there are answers on upland birds, varmints, deer and ducks. Target shooting, dogs, training dogs, even how to solve the problem of car sick dogs is here. And a wonderful section called "Mixed Bag" which tells how to have fun without killing anything, getting along with water skiers (and may be usable with jet skiers as well) and the one I love, favorite arguments. Camp fire conversation at it's best.

There is another Tapply book you just might run across. We don't I have it. I remember it well, but it somehow got away. It is the Fly Tyer's Handbook. Look for that one too.

Maybe you haven't reached the point where you see any value in old books ... but then again, you might be surprised just how much has already been written about fly fishing. Maybe nothing really is new. ~ DB

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