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December 22nd, 1997

Fly-Fishing The Gulf Coast
©1996 by Tom Broderidge
Published by Woodland Productions

Maybe I've missed something, but many of the current books are so very selective. They have too much technical information on one tiny segment of fly fishing, and not enough practical application. A publisher told me recently that his company was only publishing books on really specific areas of fly fishing. Maybe they sell more books that way, but hurrah for a book that I can really use.

Fly-Fishing the Gulf Coast gets a Hurrah! This is not a repeat of the most in-depth books covering every saltwater fly. It does give you all the basic recommended flies for fishing the Gulf, along with how and where. There are step by step fly-tying instructions (see this weeks Fly of the Week as an example) along with setting up your tying bench for salt water flies.

As a Northwest salmon fisher, there are some hints for designing saltwater flies that will get tried here.

Beginners and experienced anglers will find lots of information to improve their fly-fishing skills. Everything from how to find the most productive spots, understanding and evaluating tide cycles to choosing the right rod, reel, line and leader.

For boat owners, author Tom Broderidge shows you how to set your boat up for the best fly-fishing. And even explains anchor placement to give the fly angler every advantage.

The tying instructions are simple and well illustrated, as are the knot diagrams.

If you live on the Gulf Coast, or are planning a vacation there, pick up Fly-Fishing the Gulf Coast. (By the way, the photos of fly-caught fish don't hurt either.) Soft cover, $14.95. ~ DB

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