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November 3rd, 1997

Fly Fishing For Bonefish
Bonefish Fly Patterns
Bonefishing With A Fly
A Flyfishing Guide

If I were writing about fly fishing for trout, the list of really good books numbers in the thousands. Fly Fishing for bonefish however is a horse of a different color - or in this case not all that many.

Since we are featuring bonefish in this weeks's issue - and because some of you (I hope) will give serious thought to joining us in the Bahamas for what I consider to be a trip of a lifetime, I am cutting it to the bone.

There are three excellent books to read. Buy them if you can, because you will refer to them over and over. Or hit the library. (Most local libraries can order books not stocked from the state library sytem.)

Two of the three are by Dick Brown. Title of the first is Fly Fishing for Bonefish , the second is Bonefish Fly Patterns. Both are published by Lyons and Burford. Each book is unmatched on the subject of how to, with what, when, where and why. If you have a problem with either which patterns or how far to lead a fish at what depths ... it's in there. In a very logical manner. Some of Fly Fishing for Bonefish is more technical that I really wanted to know, but I did read it all. Who knows, some more may stick on the next reading.

We read Fly Fishing for Bonefish before we took off on our first trip to fish 'bones,' and it put us way head of the game. Bonefish Fly Patterns is the newest of the two, and it is a dandy! Not just patterns and recipes but hints on tying, fishing, the fish's prey and more.

The last in the group is Randall Kaufmann's Bonefishing With a Fly, published by Western Fisherman's Press. I personally like Randall's writing, it is friendly and personal - without being preachy. Bonefishing With a Fly covers everything you need as an introduction to bonefish and more. Lots of photos, great illustrations, short history segments on all the major bonefish destinations, what to expect at a multitude of destinations, plus when to go where. The 'when" part can save money and frustration.

If a bonefish trip may be in your future, start reading now! You have your homework right here.~DB

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