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November 2nd,1998

Fish Bum's Guide To Catching Larger Trout
Written and Illustrated by Mike Croft
Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 82112, Portland, Oregon 97282
Phone: 503-653-8108 email Frank Amato Publications.

If you've missed seeing new Mike Croft cartoons on Fly Anglers On Line there is a good reason for it! Our resident cartoonist has been taking a well-deserved break after months of working on THIS BOOK! We hope he has chased all the fish in the South Puget Sound, and landed most of them.

For those who have wondered, the person in Mike's cartoons is Mike! As is the prime character in this glorious book. It is a delight to read and the information is great. Mike's marvelous sense of humor allows him to present real information needed to succeed fishing stillwaters in an unforgetable manner.

This is not a beginners book. It says on the cover, "An Illustrated Manual On Stillwater Tactics For the Intermediate Fly Angler." He does show, illustrate, what one should take stillwater fishing, where to find the fish, and how to overcome one's "Fear of Frog Water." All illustrated in Mike's unique style. If you like the book covers, just wait until you get inside!

Mike has worked on this for a long time, it shows. It is outstanding, and we hope he gets filthy rich on it so he can go fishing anywhere he wants. Congradulations Mike, well done.

This is a Softbound book, priced at $14.95. If you fish stillwater anywhere, you would pay double the price for the tips and hints alone. And besides that, the cartoons are priceless! ~ DB

And, J Castwell says... "( and ya know how I HATE to be nice); BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT! The old goat needs the money for crayons!!! ('sides, we fish together sometimes.) (And now, he owes me ten bucks!)"~JC

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