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October 12th,1998

RodMaker Magazine

Published by RodMaker Magazine
P.O. Box 1322, High Point, NC 27261 Phone: 336-882-3226 email RodMaker Magazine.

RodMaker Magazine

Another speciality magazine is on the market! This one, like it's counterpart, Bamboo Fly Rod featured here earlier, is directed to rod makers. Not just the person who might build one or two in his lifetime, but also to the professional builder who earns all or part of his living from producing fine rods for his customers.

Publisher Tom Kirkman states it best, relating a conversation with Mark Metcalf at the Bamboo Fly Rod Magazine, "Neither of us seem to be magazine people putting out rod making publications, rather each of us seem more like rod making people putting out magazines. I think that's a fortunate combination and produces a better product for you, the reader."

RodMaker is very well done. As well as focused. Only graphite and fiberglass rods are addressed. The articles in the last two issues range from the expected on 'how-to' on trim bands, to the totally unexpected, and vital for any one commercially selling their rods, how to comply with "The Sportsfishing Excise Tax." There is also a "Letters" column, a section on "Techniques," "Questions & Answers" a "Classified" and interesting articals on all sorts of information regarding rod building.

Don't miss the product reviews. The last issue had a report on Testing the Ryobi Lathe, and Gudebrod 811 color preserver. The current issue has results of testing U-40 Ferrule Lube.

RodMaker is published bi-monthly, with the newest issue, September and October being the first with a color cover. Tom says little by little color will make more of an appearance.

For those involved in rod making, and those thinking about it - here is a terrific magazine which should make the rod building process easier - and more fun.

Subscription rates are $19.95 per year U.S. and $26.95 Canada. I also noted the advertising in RodMaker is totally revelant to rod building. Nice job Tom. Congradulations! ~ DB

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