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October 27th, 1997

Brown Trout Fly Fishing
a Practical Guide
By Chris Francis
Published by Frank Amato Publications, Portland OR

The key to successfully catching any species of fish is very simple. Learn the habits of the fish, the food it eats and match them up. Most of us as so busy with our lives we opt to just go fish.

Chris Francis, author of Brown Trout did the homework for us. For those who thought a brown was just another trout, this book is a revelation. It is the definitive book on fishing this european import. Why are browns so highly regarded? Perhaps the same reasons Farrari is regarded as the best Italian import ... it's in the driving. Catching browns is in the heart-stopping joy of having one peel line from your reel.

Well organized, beautifully illustrated, the book takes the reader from the beginning of brown trout in America to a final section with hints and tips that will make any fishing trip better. Special sections feature how to find fish in rivers and streams, or lakes and ponds. A thorough discussion on which flies to use where and when, and as a topper, the closely held secrets of fishing for browns at night are all revealed in a graceful manner.

Baldwin Bridge, Michigan
Baldwin Bridge on the Pere Marquette, Michigan
Where brown trout were introduced to US waters in 1884.

If you are a fly fisher, or a tier (recipes for all of the recommended flies are provided,) or just a lover of good books, Brown Trout, is one to add to your winter reading list. ~DB

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