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October 13, 1997

By Gary A. Borger
Drawings by Jason Borger
Published by Tomarrow River Press

Presentation, written by Gary A. Borger, is featured in this weeks issue of Fly Anglers OnLine. There are excerpts in this weeks' fishing techniques section of Fly of the Week and the Bighole Browns story in Eye of The Guide.

Quoting the book jacket, "Presentation is more than casting and line handling, more than fishing techniques, more than the right fly, more than understanding and finding fish, more than the right equipment.

Presentation is the integrated whole.

What the previous quote doesn't tell you is the depth of this book. Coffee table in size, the 320 pages are packed - jam packed with information. This is not a book to skim through. This is a full winter reading.

Each section, from "The Fish as Prey", to the final section of "Angling Tactics" contains enough material to mind-boggle the average reader. For those who have fished many years there are fishing techniques, methods of getting a fly in impossible lies, and reasons why what you always thought about leaders is wrong.

Presentation could be a life's work ... not for the author, but for the fly fisher looking for a sound base upon which to build his angling journey.

I personally highly recommend Presentation to the serious fly fisher. Take a word of warning, do not try and speed-read this one. Read a section and let it turn the wheels in your head. Then go on to the next section. Let the information sit and ruminate. You will be amazed at the insights you gather. ~DB

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