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October 26th,1998

Everyone's Illustrated Guide To
Trout On A Fly

By R. Chris Halla, Illustrated by Michael Streff
Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 82112, Portland, Oregon 97282
Phone: 503-653-8108 email Frank Amato Publications.

Seeing this book for the first time I thought, "What a neat book for kids." And it is. But, since the latest information from the television producers is they now produce their news and programing for eighth-grade comprehension level, this is the perfect book for everyone!

Part of the problem in bringing new people to fly fishing is the depth of information available - and necessary to become a successful angler. Everyone's Illustrated Guide To Trout On A Fly does simplify that mountain of information in readable, understandable bites. And it does so with grace and humor.

Artist Michael Streff The basics are there. Rods, lines, knots, reels, casting techniques, and insect descriptions. All with great drawings of course! The suprises are neat things like the history of fly fishing, reading the water, tactics, proper clothing, safety, and catch and release conservation. This is a well-thought out, lavishly illustrated introduction to fly fishing for any age.

Author R. Chris Halla

This is a Softbound book, priced at $10.95, and a perfect gift for any beginning fly fisher. By the way, the fellow with the beard on the cover is the author. Love his sense of humor. ~ DB

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