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October 24th, 2005

Oregon River Maps and Fishing Guide
By Frank Amato Publications

Reviewed by Deanna Birkholm (LadyFisher)

Oregon River Maps
Frank Amato Publications deserves real credit for a fine job. They have produced and outstanding book for anglers - both gear and fly. They have been producing 'regular' river maps for some time, but this is something different. It covers most (if not all) of the important rivers in Oregon, and provides a huge amount of information.

The large format softcover book measures 11 x 15 inches, allowing large enough print to be readable (even in the car on the way to a river.) Included is a full color page of Oregon Sportfish, Insect Hatches, Fly Patterns, Fishing Tackle, Fly-Fishing Techniques, Fishing Knot and of course the River Maps.

Usually one page has one river, except for rivers which are divided into upper, middle and lower sections. Amato has also covered some of the famous bays as well, (Tillamook, Yaquina, and Coos Bays.)

Oregon River Maps and Fishing Guide gives the reader more information in one book than you could possibly find in weeks of searching anywhere else. Shown below is just one of the river maps, for the Metolius River - used here because it fit our format best.

Each river map has road access, river access, boat launch (if available) campgrounds, feeder creeks, parks, hiking trails and even motels, RV parks, tackle shops as well as a chart giving the best fly fishing techniques (and gear techniques) by month and species of fish. (Fly shown below for the Metolius).

There is also a paragraph or two about each river itself.

"Among trout anglers, the Metolius River is regarded as one of Oregon's crown jewels. It stands out as one of the most beautiful spring creeks in the state, and offers trophy-trout fishing year-round. The temperature of the Metolius remains a consistent 40 degrees year-round, rising from a spring at its souce near Black Butte. A variety of trout are still the dominant species, along with bull trout (currently listed as a threatened species). Brown trout and eastern brook trout occur in lesser numbers, and a unique run of kokanee salmon migrate up from the lake each autumn. Bait fishing is prohibited on the Metolius."

Frank Amato Publications has done an outstanding job with Oregon River Maps and Fishing Guide. If you fish in Oregon, or plan on traveling to fish there, you just can't be without it. ~ DLB

Oregon River Maps and Fishing Guide
By Frank Amato Publications
P.O. Box 82112
Portland, OR 97282
Softbound, 11 x 15 inches, 48 pages, full color
ISBN: 1-57188-317-7
Price: $25.00 US

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